I aM A RosE, yOu Are mY tHoRnS

ClutChiNg tO Me, ProTeCtInG Me

I aM tHe SuN, yOu Are mY RayS

HeLpiNG Me tO sHiNe, aNd tO bE aLL tHaT I cAn

I aM A LaKE, yOu Are mY WaTeR

FilLinG Me wITh ThE iDeAs, DrEaMs,

aNd hOpES fOR ThE FutURe

I aM A hEaRT, yOu Are mY hEaRTBeaT

BeAtiNG RhYtHmicALLy tO mY happiness,

mY FeAr, mY sadness, mY eXciTemEnt

I aM mE aNd yOu Are WitH mE

tO ShaRe aLL tHat I aM

tO ShaRe LifE, LoVe, aNd hApPiNesS